Catch Light Interactive

Hello, World!

Our website is now live!  The site will be used to showcase our games, provide industry related news, connect our community to CLI-related articles on other websites, premier teasers and trailers of our games-in-development, and provide a glimpse into the many possible worlds in the Catch Light Interactive universe. 

Our development team will also use the channel as a way to share insight in the world of game development through Developer Diaries.  Tips, tricks, and processes we use to make our worlds come to life on the screen will be published here on a regular basis.  Stay tuned!

Catch Light Interactive, LLC is an independent game development studio currently hard at work on their inaugural release, Project 4: New Light City.  The first chapter of the interactive thriller is due to release sometime in late Q3 2021. For breaking news and studio announcements, bookmark our page or subscribe on your favorite social media channel.

(Or go really crazy and do both.  We won’t tell!)