Catch Light Interactive

About Catch Light Interactive

Our reach exceeds our grasp….

Catch Light Interactive, LLC was founded by Jorgen Tandberg and Paul Kardos in August 2020.

Our goal is to create immersive and exciting video games for release on multiple platforms.

Every Catch Light Interactive release is based on the following five key fundamentals:

  1. A compelling story
  2. Innovative and intuitive game mechanics
  3. High quality visuals
  4. Immersive sound effects, with professional grade voice acting and original music scores.
  5. Optimized to reach as many system configurations as possible.

Our founders are avid gamers who bring over 40 years of business experience to the studio.  Their vision and contagious motivation makes CLI one of the most exciting indie game development companies to work for in the industry.

All CLI associates work in a 100% virtual environment, with offices in Norway, the United States, and various coffee shops, airports, and hotel rooms all over the world.

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