Catch Light Interactive

Something is seriously wrong in New Light City...

...and we're pretty sure it's not the water.

An inexplicable string of murder-suicides are plaguing New Light City, the capital of a Post-Election world. Victims know and trust the assailants who commit seemingly senseless acts of brutality against them.  While every case is different, there is never a clear motive.

Now, terrified citizens are wary of each other, afraid to leave their homes, afraid to stay at home.  Questions are being asked, and the High Assembly – the authoritative counsel of a global government – has tasked Max Boston to find the answers.

His first problem?  All of his best leads are dead.

A 10+ Hour Compelling Story

In Project 4: New Light City, you play as Max Boston in this beautiful and immersive non-linear, interactive investigation thriller.

Step into the role of a seasoned detective in a world set sometime in the near future. Use your wits, reflexes, and skills during the investigation to uncover what has been driving otherwise normal citizens to commit such brutal and unspeakable crimes.

Outsmart Billionaire CEO’s, Advanced AI units, normal everyday citizens, and captains of some of the worst criminal organizations in the city’s secret underworld.  All of your abilities as an investigator will be put to the test in this challenging game from Catch Light Interactive.

Lead an Investigation

In Project 4: New Light City, investigating the case is only the tip of the iceberg. Explore a large city filled with dozens of interesting characters, or pass the time playing one of many challenging but satisfying mini-games.

Choose Carefully!

In Project 4: New Light City, decisions have consequences.  With so many different endings to the story, how you interact with people and the choices you make affects the outcome of your investigation and, ultimately, the climactic ending to your story.  Remember: a good investigator considers all possibilities…

Coming Soon

Project 4: New Light City is an upcoming, episodic indie masterpiece, with Chapter One slated for release on PC in Q3 2021.  Stay tuned for announcements by visiting our News Feed or subscribing on your favorite social media platform.