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Project: New Light City Gameplay

Put On Your Thinking Cap

Project: New Light City is more than just beautiful artwork and immersive sounds.  In this investigative thriller, you play as Max Boston, Special Projects Lead Investigator in charge of uncovering the seemingly inexplicable motives behind a spree of murder-suicides in the capital of an otherwise utopian, near-future global society.

Interacting with witnesses and interrogating suspects is only the beginning of your adventure.  Just like real life, witnesses all have different recollections and opinions, and not every potential suspect is entirely cooperative.  Making thoughtfully considered dialogue choices based on clues you collect during your investigation can and will change the entire narrative of the story, right up to one of several climactic and exciting endings.

Choose wisely!  In Project: New Light City, decisions have consequences.  Handle an otherwise cooperative suspect improperly, and you stand to lose their valuable insight.  Insult an Elite Citizen, and they might use their power and influence to impede progress in your investigation.

The Devil Is In the Details

In Project: New Light City, the devil is most certainly in the details.  Complex investigations aren’t just about scrolling through dialogue options and hoping for the best.  And the smart detective knows to take good notes as memory can be a tricky thing.  Consult your journal to see whose stories make sense, and whose aren’t exactly adding up.  Use intuition and fact-finding activities to determine whether witnesses are lying to be deceitful, or are just telling you how they saw things and have no ill intent.

Check Your Attitude

Max has been around the block once or twice.  This weathered veteran knows when to turn up the heat, and when to play the good cop game.  In Project: New Light City, our demeanor matrix presents a variety of dialogue options which will affect the direction of your story.  Playing tough guy might get you the results you need from one suspect, but a reputation from your hard-hitting, no nonsense attitude may not endear you to other, more diplomatic characters you’ll meet later.

Of course, sometimes you just can’t make an omelet without breaking a few legs…or egos.

Technology Rules

The events of Project: New Light City take place in the near-distant future.  It’s just one of many possible worlds to explore in the Catch Light Interactive universe.  While many aspects of the game appear modern-day familiar, New Light City is a bastion of high tech gadgets, AI characters, and powerful weapons and devices.  Using technology to your advantage – say, for example, using your Quantech multitool to hack into a locked door – is not only possible, but in many cases it can make or break your investigation.

Artificial Intelligent characters are a “thing” in New Light City.  They can be a wealth of objective knowledge over the course of your investigation.  Remember, however, that computers are still computers, even in the future.  Don’t rely heavily on them if you need a helpful opinion…

The End...?

There are many endings to the story, each based on all of the decisions you make over the course of your investigation.  Wish you would have done something differently?  Go back, change your course and see what happens.  Project: New Light City provides 10+ hours of a compelling, professionally voice-acted story.  Because decisions have consequences, replaying the game with a different approach can result in different, sometimes not-so-fairytale endings. 

Project: New Light City is an episodic release, with Chapter One slated for the PC platform in Q1 2022.  Stay tuned to our news feed and social media accounts for announcements, developer diaries, and all other Catch Light Interactive related news!